Covid-19 Screening Package

Only for RM 250 / pax*

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RT-PCR Testing

International standard Covid-19 test approved by World Health Organisation and Ministry of Health Malaysia.

symptom identification

Step 1

Symptom Identification

  • Fever
  • Dry Cough
  • Tiredness
pre screening

Step 2


  • Appointment
  • Pre-Screening Interview
pre screening

Step 3

Screening and Sampling

  • Taking of Nasal / Oral Sample
  • Labratory Testing
patient results

Step 4

Patient Results

  • Result Analysis
  • Further Actions with MOH & SIMKA
covid testing tent

Mobile Specimen Collection and Screening Centre

COVID-19 Mobile Units can be deployed for small or mass specimen collection and COVID-19 screenings purposes. These Covid-19 Mobile Test Units (COMBAT) are flexible and capable of setting up anywhere as required.

  • It can conduct screening of up to 500 patients per day.
  • Compliance with HACCP standards.
  • Equipped with safety features, BSL cabinets and negative airflow system to prevent infection to the users.
  • Proven and successful track records of deployment in several areas in the country.
covid 19 testing

FLEX Mobile Specimen Collection Unit

FLEX Mobile Unit is a simplified collection unit designed for office areas and corporate clients wanting to conduct in-house screening.

  • Able to conduct screening of up to 300 patients per day.
  • Great mobility, convenient set-up and minimal space requirement of 100 sqft. 
  • It can be scaled up to size depending on the number of PUI.
  • Enhanced safety protocols and user friendly procedures which enables longer testing periods with minimal PPE required.
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