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Advancing Health Tech

Rentas Health Sdn Bhd (1322484-P) specialises in management consulting, business development and marketing communications in the healthcare and technology sector. Our comprehensive partnership with Health Insights aims to revolutionise healthcare information management for hundreds of medical caregivers and centers across the nation.

With the advent of Covid-19 which has spread across Malaysia, the management team of Rentas Health has identified the importance of using RT-PCR Detection kits, which is the Gold Standard amongst Covid-19 test kits due to its sensitivity and specificity. In addition, to test kits, Rentas Health also expanded into PPE, with a focus on mask distribution

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Rentas Health is devoted in making sustainable living a better commonplace. We create an alternatives for sustainable livelihood and improved health to all generations.

Manufacturing Process

Rentas Health has invested in a new long-term face mask facility in MALAYSIA. This allows the R&D and QC teams in the factory to test new developments in market conditions ...


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